Izasha's Drawing Corner

Hello! (*≧▽≦)
My name is Nina and this is my artblog!

Things I draw much at the moment....
Jojo's bizarre adventure

main blog www.schijtkind.tumblr.com

i cant draw narancia manly
i just cant

quick dood before commissionsss
sorry narancia i can only draw you as a moe blob

I made a happy narancia icon for my main blog

oh man when im sad and telling myself that i cant do anything and depressive stuff like that, i get mad at myself  and slap myself on the face to ‘wake up, try harder this time you dumb kiddo’! i dont know why, but it works for me somehow

quick buste of etri-an her OC bc whoaaaa SHE PRETTY

Hmmm sometimes LcdDem pops up in my mind

Trying out a new style„, thing„,

i dont know what happened 

quick bruno doodle aaah

quick doodles of my kids