Izasha's Drawing Corner

Hello! (*≧▽≦)
My name is Nina and this is my artblog!

Things I draw much at the moment....

A shoot I did this week! (I broke my sword in the progress though!! need to fix it soon! >__< ))
Pictures © travelsinmedia.nl

It’s nice to have your hair brushed, but it’s pure hell for the person doing it >u<

I wanted to practice shading so I drew miss P!


Hello! I’m doing this commissioning stuff for the first time! (^ u ^)/


If you want place a commission or ask me a question, this is the place!

Paypal please! ^ the email above is for payments also!
Payment before I start is preferred!

More info:
- I have the right to deny requests. (I don’t draw furry, animals, nfsw and mecha because I’m not good at that at all!) 
- You will get the image that’s at least 1000px on the shortest size on 300dpi.
- I will post the commission on my blog in low resolution with a watermark, unless you say you don’t want me to publish it. 
- When you submit a commission, please tell me enough information about the character in question. ((references are very much welcome))
Same goes for the background if you’re choosing one. 
- I’ll finish the commission in a week or 2, but if I’m really busy with school, it could take a little bit longer, sorry!

Do you look at your first OC sometimes and get the urge to draw them again?? 
Man I came a long way from 2009 x)

Ohhh man Tess is such a cute game! and sad :C

I tried animating something x) I miss drawing this OC!

OHHH MAN Emofuri is so much fun 


everyone should follow izasha because wow she’s amazing / o\ her cosplays are incredible, her lady two cosplay from drakengard 3 is amazing!! and her art is beautiful, and she’s up-to-date drawing characters from new games!! she’s really cool and her blog is fantastic so you should definitely follow her!


Tiz is so precious * u *